Aerodrome Events

Fly Ins

aeroplanes at turweston

Turweston is host venue to a number of fly-ins throughout the year, including several vintage and classic aircraft rallies.

The ex-British Airways Pilots pay us a visit every year, gathering in the café to have lunch and catch up with one another. There are club fly-ins, type fly-ins and AGMs – we have a conference room for these.

If you would like to organise a fly-in or a meeting at Turweston please contact Tanya Coles on 01280 705400 or email.


Car Club Meets

Turweston Aerodrome is a great venue for static car club meets. We have ample parking space on hard-standing, easy access from the M40 and M1 and a great background for photographs. The vehicle parking/display area is close to the cafe and offers a great view of the runway. Please contact Tanya Coles to discuss arrangements for a club meet.


Charity Events
& Education

We have an events area at the Aerodrome with grass and hard-standing and a dedicated events entrance which provide an ideal branding opportunity. It can be used to create an Event Village, for static shows or just for car parking.

At Turweston we are keen on supporting education from a young age and welcome the opportunity to get involved with local schools.

We are honoured to be the host venue for Dreamflight’s Goofy Group pre-trip meetings. We are also involved with fly2help / Air Smiles ( whose mission is to inspire change in people’s lives through the wonder of flight.


UK Cycling Events


UK Cycling Events use Turweston as the start and end point for different level cycling sportives. Making use of our ample parking space, around 1000 cyclists participate in each event.

UK Cycling Events hold Cobbler and Wiggle events in Spring and Autumn from Turweston. Making use of our ample parking space, around 1000 cyclists participate in each event.