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    Turweston Aerodrome has tarmac and grass runways

    • These are designated 09/27 and 09/27 grass respectively
    • The circuits are 09left hand and 27right hand
    • The 09 threshold is displaced by 157m and the 27 threshold by 99m
    • The tarmac runway is 1,256m x 23m with a declared distance of 1,000m between thresholds

    Daytime parking is available and overnight parking can also be arranged. We are always pleased to welcome new arrivals and can provide permanent hangarage or parking – space permitting.

    Please contact us for more information.

    Local Liaison

    We are keen to maintain a good relationship with our neighbours. If you have any questions about the aerodrome’s operations or would like to make a comment please call us on 01280 705400 ext 2 or email.


    Customs & Special Branch

    All pilots flying outside mainland UK are required to complete a General Aviation Report (GAR). The form can be viewed & downloaded here

    Deadlines for GAR submissions

    Non EU traffic: AT LEAST 24 hours prior to arrival

    EU traffic: AT LEAST 4 hours prior to arrival

    Channel Island Traffic: AT LEAST 12 hours prior to arrival

    If you require guidance for completing the form please click here.

    Pilots flying within the Common Travel Area (Ireland, Great Britain, Isle of Man, Channel Islands) should email completed GARs to NCU; the UK Border Agency at Luton; Special Branch, Thames Valley Police and EGBT here.

    Completed forms for pilots flying OUTSIDE the Common Travel area should be emailed to NCU; the UK Border Agency at Luton; and EGBT here.

    The UK Border Agency at Luton request that they are called on 01582 878700 or 07775 825682 to let them know it has been sent. GARs can be faxed to NCU on 01708 862521 and Thames Valley Police on 01865 555900.

    Thames Valley Police Special Branch contact details are:
    Address: Police HQ, Oxford Road, Kidlington, Oxon OX5 2NX
    Tel: 01865 555909


    Landing Fees & Fuel

    Fixed Wing AircraftType ExamplePrice £
    Includes VAT
    Min fuel uplift to waive landing fee
    Single piston 2 seatsC152, PA38, RV4, C421550L
    Single piston 4 seatsPA28, C172, RV10, Cirrus1860L
    Single piston 6 seatsPA32, BE36, C2101860L
    Twin pistonPA34, C310, BE582580L
    Single turbine smallPA46T, TBM70030150L
    Twin turbine / VLJPA42, C90, BE200, Mustang50N/A
    OtherPC12, C525100N/A
    Circuits and Touch & GosAll categories7.20

    HelicoptersType ExamplePrice £ Includes VATMin fuel uplift to waive landing fee
    PistonR22, R44, Schweizer 30015
    Single turbineB206, AS350, EC12025
    Twin turbine up to 3600kgB429, AS355, EC135, A10940
    Twin turbine over 3600kgEC155, S76, A13950
    Circuits and Touch & GosAll categories7.20

    ParkingPrice £ Includes VAT
    Daytime parkingFree
    Single overnight parking6
    Twin overnight parking12


    • Avgas 100LL, Jet A1 and piston-engine oils are available
    • Current price per litre excluding VAT: Avgas £1.27 (+ 20% VAT), Jet A1 £0.61 (+ 5% VAT). Updated 4th February 2021
    • Fuel is delivered by mobile bowser
    • Rotors running refuelling is available on request
    • Fuel accounts: if you would like to open a credit account for fuel please email us for forms to complete


    Weather Station


    Circuit Information

    Noise Abatement

    There are several villages and dwellings located close to the airfield, in particular Syresham which is on the northeastern quarter of the circuit,  so please read the circuit procedures below carefully and avoid overflying.

    Hinton Skydiving Centre is also active – their status is updated daily on our weather station.

    Noise Abatement Procedures and Circuit – View & Download


    Flight Operations

    • Flying operations and general administration of the aerodrome are managed by Turweston Flight Centre Ltd.
    • Operational hours are Monday to Friday 08:30 to 18:00 or Sunset (08:00 to 20:00 by arrangement), Saturday 09:00 to 18:00 and Sunday 10:00 to 18:00 (last departure 16:00).
    • Office hours are Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00.
    • Prior Permission is required to land at Turweston Aerodrome. Please complete our PPR request form below.
    • Call us on 01280 705400 or email
    • The Flight Deck Cafe is open every day. Winter hours are 09:00 to 16:00. Reservations are strongly recommended please email or call


    Call us today at 01280 705400
    or email us at