Cafe Menu



Autumn Menu 2022

Served daily 9am to 4pm (hot food until 3pm) 

Served until 11.30

Sweet pancakes with maple syrup. Served with scrambled eggs £8.45 Add bacon £1.50

Scrambled eggs on toast with a choice of white or granary toast £8.95 Add bacon £1.50

Sliced avocado on ‘doorstep’ toast with homemade chilli jam £8.95 Add bacon £1.50

Flight Deck Eggs Benedict. Toasted muffin with poached egg & hollandaise sauce with either ham £8.45, bacon £8.95 or smoked salmon £9.95

Available all day

Flight Deck breakfast £11.25

Bacon, sausage (GF), oven-baked egg, baked beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, hash browns and toast 

Flight Deck Veggie breakfast £11.25

Vegan sausages, avocado, oven baked egg, baked beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, hash browns & toast

Ham or sausage, eggs and fries £11.45


British, home-cured back bacon £6.95

Sausage (GF) £6.45

Baguettes served with fries

Tuna mayo £10.95

Cheese and ham £10.45

British sausages (GF) £11.45

British, home-cured back bacon £11.85

Minute steak £12.45

Prawn £12.95

Please let us know if you would like to substitute salad for the fries

Jacket potato and side salad

Tuna mayo £10.45

Cheese £9.45

Beans £9.45

Prawn £10.95

Beef chilli/vegan chilli £10.45

Burger £12.95

Locally raised beef burger in a bakery bun with lettuce and tomato and served with fries

Add bacon £1.50  Add cheddar £0.60

Halloumi burger £11.95

Served with Flight Deck chilli jam & red pepper in a fresh bun with fries

For specials please see our boards or ask your server

Our local suppliers

Gluten-free sausages, burgers, minute steak and home-cured British bacon on-site butchery Mellow Meats

Free-range eggs – College Farm, Evenley

Please ask our staff for: allergen information, gluten-free breads (variety available) and vegetarian/vegan options.

 We are happy to create bespoke dishes with the ingredients we have available.

~ Beverages ~

Served 9am to 4pm every day

Italian Lavazza coffees:

Espresso £2.20, Americano £3.05, Cappuccino or Latte £3.30,
Flat White or Mocha £3.50, Extra shot £1.20

Breakfast Tea £2.20
Earl Grey, green, peppermint, herbal and fruit teas £2.35

Hot chocolate £3.30

Hot chocolate deluxe with cream and marshmallows £3.90

Fentiman’s £3.20

Rose lemonade, elderflower,
Victorian lemonade, sparkling raspberry or ginger beer

San Pellegrino £2.55
Lemon, orange, grapefruit or blood orange

Lipton Iced Tea £3.30
Peach or lemon

Harrogate’s bottled water £2.00
Still or sparkling

Cans £2.25
Coca cola, Coke Zero, 7 Up, Sprite

Juice Burst £3.20
Orange or apple

Frobisher’s Pure Juice £2.50
Apple or orange

Pip Organic fruit cartons £2.60