Menu from 13th July 2021

Served daily 9am to 4pm (hot food until 3pm) 

Smoked salmon bagel £8.95
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, rocket and red onion
in a toasted bagel

Scrambled eggs on toast £7.95
Add bacon £1 Add smoked salmon £2

 Breakfast £10.95
Bacon, sausage, egg, hash browns, mushrooms,
tomatoes, beans and toast

 Smoked salmon, red pepper and pesto omelette £8.95
Served with side salad

Minted pea and feta cheese omelette £8.95
Served with side salad 

Tuna bagel £8.95
Tuna and melted cheese on a toasted bagel

Prawn, guacamole and rocket sandwich £8.95
Prawns in seafood sauce, guacamole and rocket

Coronation chicken sandwich £8.95
Homemade Coronation chicken on white or granary bread

 Halloumi and Greek salad wrap £7.95 

Club sandwich £11.95
Triple-decker sandwich filled with shredded beef, cheddar, mustard mayo, bacon, lettuce & tomato
served with skinny fries 

Stilton mushrooms £9.95
Button mushrooms cooked in cream and Stilton served on cornbread
Add bacon £1

Sausage, egg and chips £9.95
Add beans £0.50

Beef or vegetable chilli and skinny fries £9.95

6oz Beef burger with chunky chips £10.95
Add extras
Cheddar £1.00, Bacon £1.00, Egg £0.50, Guacamole 0.50 

Pulled pork burger with chunky chips £10.95
Pulled pork in a BBQ & mustard sauce with melted cheddar 

Halloumi Burger £9.95
With roasted red pepper and chilli jam, chunky chips

Satay sweet potato, red Thai and spinach curry with naan bread £10.50
Chunky chips (gf)  small £2.50 | large £4.00 

Granary, white or gluten free bread filled with your choice of:
cheese £5.95,
ham £6.50,
ham & cheese £6.75,
BLT £6.75,
mozzarella, pesto & tomato (v) £6.95,
bacon, brie & cranberry £6.95,
red pepper, cheddar, chilli jam, guacamole & tomato £6.95,
bacon, sausage and egg £6.95
Toasties add £1

 Affogato £3.50
A scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream with espresso and a Biscoff

 Selection of cakes and ice cream

Doggie Breakfast
Sausage £1.50
Scrambled eggs £1



~ Beverages ~

Served 9am to 4pm every day

Italian Lavazza coffees:

Espresso £2.00, Americano £2.75, Cappuccino or Latte £3.00, Flat White or Mocha £3.25, Extra shot £1

Breakfast Tea £1.90
Earl Grey, green, peppermint, herbal and fruit teas £2.25

Hot chocolate £3.00
Hot chocolate deluxe with cream and marshmallows £3.50

Frobisher’s orange juice 250ml £2.50

Fentiman’s 275ml £3.00
Rose lemonade, mandarin & Seville orange jigger, elderflower,
Victorian lemonade, sparkling raspberry or ginger beer

San Pellegrino 330ml £2.45
Lemon, orange, grapefruit or orange & pomegranate

Lipton Iced Tea 500ml £3.00
Peach or lemon

Harrogate’s 500ml £2.50 or £2.95
Still or sparkling bottled water

Cans 330ml £2.10
Coca cola, Coke Zero, Lilt or Fanta

Juice Burst 500ml £3.00
Orange or apple

Appletiser 275ml £3.00

Pip Organic Fruit Juice £2.25
Cloudy apple or strawberry and blackcurrant